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In the season finale, Roxy needs to make a title defence, but she needs a challenger. In a shock decision it is Sami who is given the shot, much to the anger of other fighters and Electra! As the fight starts it looks like Sami is going to be blown away, but will there be a twist in the tail?

The World's Most Twisted Popularity Contest

This one time elite fighting championship has now become a prison for Celebrities who made a mistake. Only by winning the title can they return to their pampered lives, and all the fighters aim to stop them.


The Utopia Pain League is the nations #1 entertainment show. This is its #1 Fan site. We will be ripping all the womens wrestling / catfights / girlfights broadcasts and making them available here, for a fee, until such time as we are closed down. You can keep up with the fights by adding your email address below. If we do get caught, we'll let you know where we've landed via email AND when we've got a new broadcast for you.

IMPORTANT: If you are already subscribed as an NGC Member you will automatically receive the first UPL email. If it is not for you feel free to unsubscribe when you receive it and you will maintain your NGC membership.

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